I am renting

What should you do if something suddenly breaks down in your home? Or if you want to change something in your home? Or if you would like someone to move in with you? The selected information below relates to things that you may encounter as a tenant.


If you are married or are in a registered partnership, the law states that you will automatically become the co-tenant. However, you must still inform us of this.
Otherwise, you will only become the co-tenant if your name is also mentioned on the rental contract. As co-tenant, you have the same rights and obligations as the main tenant. If the rental contract does not yet feature your name, you are entitled to apply for co-tenancy.

Maintenance subscription repairs

You are personally responsible for performing minor maintenance on your home. For example, repairing locks and loose sockets, and refilling the central heating system. If you have a maintenance subscription, we will take care of such minor maintenance for you. You can visit MijnPortaal (in Dutch) to agree a maintenance subscription, and can start using it immediately.

Terminating rental

Would you like to terminate your rental contract? This is easy to do via MijnPortaal (in Dutch). As soon as you know when you will be leaving your home, you can terminate your rental contract at any moment you like. The notice period can be found in your personal rental contact, and tends to be one month. The sooner you terminate rental, the easier it will be to transfer your home to the new tenant, and to possibly make arrangements about buying some of your household items.

Within 5 working days of your notice of termination, a supervisor will visit you to talk about the process for handing over your home. If you are unable to terminate online, please contact our customer service desk.